SARAH RAYMUNDO is an Assistant Professor from the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman's Department of Sociology, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy. She's been teaching in UP for ten years. She has met, and even exceeded, the minimum requirements for tenure. Why then, after a year since she applied for tenure, is Prof. Raymundo being denied permanent status in the university?

Sarah is the Secretary-General of the Congress of Teachers/Educators for Nationalism and Democracy (CONTEND), Treasurer of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) National Council, and an active member of the All UP Academic Employees Union (AUPAEU).

Sunday, June 28, 2009


An Open Letter from the All-UP Academic Employees Union – Diliman Chapter
June 24, 2009

The AUPAEU reiterates its grave expression of concern regarding the long-drawn out issue of Sociology Prof. Sarah Raymundo's tenure.
In a bewildering turn of events, confounding the principles of transparency and fairness and frustrating the most basic notions of academic freedom, Prof. Raymundo continues to be kept in the dark regarding the bases used by the Dept. of Sociology in its most recent decision against granting her tenure.

This issue has been dragging on for more than a year and a half. No explanations have been forthcoming from the said department regarding the basis or bases of its decision. The Union has indeed faced several similar cases from various departments and colleges but, in great contrast to the Dept. of Sociology, all of the offices concerned have been direct and forthright regarding the bases of their decisions. None of the departments or units concerned questioned the right of the individuals concerned to be informed of the reasons which led to the denial of their tenure. Their official communications contained their explanations in black and white with the proper documentation and proofs. None of them asserted that such criteria or bases were a private matter to be kept a secret from the rest of the University community and the individual concerned. Such an attitude would lead to arbitrariness, the subversion of due process and the decline of academic excellence. It would effectively deprive the concerned individual her legal right to appeal what may have been an unjust decision.

Her peers would attest that Prof. Raymundo is an outstanding academic and teacher in her field. On top of this, it bears repeating that she has fulfilled ALL the academic requirements necessary for successfully obtaining tenure in the University. University rules explicitly prohibit the use of non-academic criteria in deciding the matter of tenure. Doing so would amount to nothing less than a trespass against academic freedom. We also recognize that the Dept. of Sociology has been deeply divided by this issue which began many months ago with a subversion of a majority decision by a minority. Upholding the name of their honorable discipline, many members of this department continue to fight for Prof. Raymundo's basic rights.

The AUPAEU reiterates its position that the University and the Dept. of Sociology are duty-bound to present in clear terms the bases which were used in deciding against the granting of tenure to Prof. Raymundo.

Whatever these criteria may be, academic or non-academic, Prof. Raymundo has the right to be informed of these so that she may be able to respond or act accordingly.

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